New Design is proud of his full-fledged graphics designers who have wide range of experience in product label and package designs, company brochure and annual report, catalogue and leaflet, window-display or even a complete promotional strategy. With the advanced computers and peripherals, we will tailor our innovative ideas to suit your needs more flexibly.
In the present-day society, internet promotion is an indispensable mediaļ¼ Our service more than only providing new concept building website but by adding (interactive function and animation) enrich your company image to your client.
New Design is always maintaining an extensive advertising media network in order to raise the popularity of your product, making its image more outstanding. Apart from the traditional media like newspaper, magazine, MTR, tram, window-display, KCR, posters and the like, we also offer a wide variety of promotional publications for you to choose from. What you have in mind, we will do our utmost to help you realize!
Commercial photography is an indispensable means to make an idea vivid. A superior photograph will drastically increase the attraction of a product. Our professional photographers are particularly strong in commercial photography. May it be outdoor or indoor shooting, we will apply proper visual techniques to focus on the strengths of the product.
New Design adopts the most advanced printing equipment, employs well-experienced technicians to operate them, and upholds the tightest quality control procedures. We are as concerned as our clients about the printing quality and the schedule of our printing jobs.